TAKE ACTION: Tell Anaheim City Council to Designate Little Arabia on August 23rd

On August 23, 2022, the Anaheim City Council may vote on a formal designation of Little Arabia in Anaheim, which was finally agendized during the July 12 council meeting.

Sign the Letter:

Send a letter to Anaheim City Council: bit.ly/DesignateLittleArabia

Little Arabia: The Little Arabia District is a cultural and hospitable hub in Anaheim. In the past 40 years, Little Arabia has provided access to the Middle Eastern culture through food and services to Arab and non-Arabs in Anaheim and throughout the country. Little Arabia has helped residents access and learn about the Arab American culture while serving as an essential anchor for the community. 

Click Here for an Interactive Map of Little Arabia

Why Designate Little Arabia, and What Will it Do?

Economic Growth: During the 1990s, the Little Arabia District grew as Arab Americans moved to Orange County and started new businesses. The Little Arabia District received the 2018 “Best of Anaheim” Award in the local business category for helping make Anaheim a great place to live, work and play. Over 100 Arab-owned businesses on Brookhurst Street offer new and innovative opportunities for businesses in Anaheim. An official designation as a cultural site could help the community in the Little Arabia District continue to grow, which in turn helps strengthen the local economy. 

Diversity and Culture: Orange County is home to diverse ethnic communities, including Little Saigon, which received its official designation as a cultural site in 1988, and Koreatown, which received its official designation as a cultural site in 2019. These communities provide the region with restaurants, shopping centers, and an array of businesses and services. Within Little Arabia, an intermixing of languages, including English, Arabic, and Spanish, has reflected and brought awareness to the unique character of Anaheim.

  • Much like Little Saigon, Little Tokyo, or the Korean Business District, an official designation of Little Arabia as a cultural site would celebrate the beautiful diversity of Anaheim’s residents and create a new attraction for residents and visitors. 
  • A designation is more than naming a portion of Anaheim. Designating Little Arabia provides everyone access to the warm and hospitable culture of Arab and other Americans of Middle Eastern descent. It recognizes the hard work and contribution of immigrant communities in Anaheim since the 1980s and adds a cultural and economical attraction to Anaheim.

Our Call to Action: 

  • Send a letter to Anaheim City Council: bit.ly/DesignateLittleArabia
  • Gather at the Anaheim City Hall on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, at 4:30 PM and speak during the public comment period during the meeting, which begins at 5:00 PM.

A Beloved District

  • “Arabia” refers to a region encompassing a diverse range of languages, cultures, and economies. All are recognized and celebrated in Little Arabia.
  • Little Arabia District is home to over 140 services catering to the Arab American community of Southern California. Little Arabia has been a launching pad for immigrants to enter the American dream and a cultural attraction for Arab Americans across the country for over forty years.  
  • Designating Little Arabia as a cultural district will preserve Little Arabia’s heritage in Anaheim while providing resources for educational, economic, and community development.  


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